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    Men Casual Series

    The most popular blended summer fabric in recent years is wool/linen/silk mix. We love it for breathable, softly constructed sport jackets and easy relaxed suits not only because of the fabric feature but also the outstanding lattice colors and glossiness.

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    Solid Color Fabrics

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    Men Classic Series

    High yarn count Australian wool is always considered a super fine fabric. We provide this series for those who need basic options for their single-breasted or double-breasted suits.

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    Autumn & Winter Fabrics

    Cross Dyed Series

    Fabrics in this series intertwined the different colors of warp and weft to give the effect of two-color fabric. Contrast colors are a good element here so we are using unlined or 1/2 lined styles to show how special it is.

    Gold Lined

    Silver Lined

    Men Travel Series

    Fabrics made of hard twisted yarn have better air permeability and wear resistance than regular wool fabrics. The feature of clear texture and less pilling determines the higher yarn twist ratio. Unconstructed style and Gurkha Pants are made in this series because of the feature breathable, wearable, and anti-wrinkle. 

    Travel Suit Fabrics

    Men Tuxedo Series

    Tuxedo Fabrics