A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

A suit that fits will serve you well for everyday and formal occasions alike. At Custom Men, our experienced tailors serving Chicago can help you find the best fabric and fit to create a tailored suit that meets your needs in terms of function, aesthetics, and comfort. We proudly offer top-quality tailoring and custom design services to each client, as well as one year of free alterations for all custom and bespoke garments.

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Designed & Made For You

Custom Tuxedos

Your tuxedo will be designed and made to your exact measurements.Your tuxedo will be hand-cut by an expert tailor rather than mass-produced.

Highly experienced Chicago custom tailors who can design and create the perfect tuxedo for you. Even more so than other types of clothing, tuxedos require special attention to make sure their fit is impeccable. An ill-fitting tuxedo can ruin the elegance and sophisticated appearance that it was intended to have.

Get A Custom Tailored Suit Made By The Experts.